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The Messenger

The Messenger
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Measurements: 17”x4”x12” (LxWxH).

The Messenger from Rakuda will carry your most cherished belongings from the classroom or office to the depths of the African jungle or the expanse of the beaches in Bali. Adjust the 42-inch strap so it fits comfortably across your torso and sling it over your neck. The bag zips securely and stays close to your body, so you never have to worry about losing belongings from the roomy interior compartment or the two exterior pockets.

All parts of this messenger-bag are made from 100% cotton canvas, which is strong enough to withstand your most adventurous trip abroad or your most casual bus ride across town. The Messenger is styled in a washed-up, worn green shade that will fit right in whether you are visiting friends in Ohio, shopping in Paris, or hiking through the Sierra Nevada Mountains.Use this messenger-bag as a day bag for short trips, an overnight bag for a romantic encounter, or your carry-on bag for a long flight. Use it to hold your passport, hairbrush, or a much-needed change of clothing. Toss it over your shoulder and head across campus for class, or leave it in your office for a quick change between an important meeting at work and an important meeting at the local club.

From the everyday routine to the exotic locales you thought you would never see…this machine washable messenger-bag is all about versatility!

If you want to look hip but don’t want to be accused of trying too hard, this is the perfect bag. It has a washed out, well worn style that is casual and easy going, but it is perfectly tuned to modern fashion. This is fashion that doesn’t have to try!

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